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HPE ENGAGE & GROW FAQ (For Transition) - Italy and Nordics Countries
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HPE ENGAGE & GROW is now on a new portal!


Below are some questions you might be curious about during this period of transition.

This program FAQ is only valid for users from the following countries:  Italy, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia





  1. How do I start using the new portal?
  • If you are an existing user, you will receive an email from [email protected] with your email address and a unique password to activate your account. If you have not received a new password, you can select “forgot password” and reset your password to activate your account to start using the new portal.


  1. Why am I not able to register at the registration page?
  • You have to be under our list of eligible companies to register for HPE ENGAGE & GROW. If you cannot find your company’s Partner ID under the accepted Partner ID list, you have to register under Proximity Partners or contact your Partner Business Manager to check your partner ID.

Account & Membership


  1. Will I lose all my accumulated Bonus Points after activating my account on the new portal?
  • All the bonus point earnings and payouts concerning incentives that were in place prior to May 1, 2020 will be reflected in the previous portal ( and will be paid by the Aximpro agency that is responsible for sending your company invoice instructions and bank transfers for the period FY20 Q2 (February – April 2020) and FY20 Q1 (November 2019 – January 2020) if you were eligible. The new portal will only reflect any Bonus Points earned from May 1, 2020 onwards.
  1. What will happen to my VIP Club membership?
  • If you hold any VIP Club membership prior to May 1, 2020, we can confirm that this VIP status will be carried over into the new portal. Stay tuned for our updates in the upcoming weeks.


Company Bonus Point transfers


  5. What do I have to do to secure my FY2O Q2 Payouts?

  • The Bonus Points earned during the last running quarter (February – April 2020) will still have to be redeemed through the old portal ( Your company administrator will receive instructions to redeem the FY20 Q2 earned bonus points during the 2nd half of May. The transfer for the total amount of these bonus points earned during FY20 Q2 will be under the responsibility of the Aximpro agency. The claiming of these points cannot happen through the new portal. Same as before, individual users do not need to take action. Your company administrator will have to take the action to claim the money and allocate to the different users in line with your company’s guidelines for participating in a benefits program.



Company Management (this section only applies for company administrators)


   6. Do I need to invite my company’s sales reps again or will the users be migrated automatically?

  • If you are the company administrator, you will not need to re-invite your registered sales team members within the new portal.  All Engage & Grow users have received instructions to activate their accounts on the new portal.  Please encourage them to transit their user accounts to the new portal. 

    If you have new team members to add, it doesn’t make sense anymore to add them onto the old portal since incentive programs are being terminated.  

  7. Are there any changes to how I need to manage or invite my sales reps within the ‘company management’ console of the new portal?

  • There will be no changes to how you have to invite your other team members.  Simply go to ‘company management’ under My Profile navigation bar. Invite a new user by enter the person’s e-mail address and submit the invitation.  Please note that the company administrator is the only person that has the portal privileges to invite other sales reps and is also the only person that can take action to redeem the quarterly company earned Bonus Points.




  8. How do I participate in the Incentives moving forward?

  • The functionality on how bonus points can be earned will be the same as within the previous portal. There will be an incentive product list published and via the ‘incentives’ tab in the upper navigation bar, you will be able to find an overview of all running incentives. Per incentive, there will be a budget bar to indicate whether an incentive has been fully utilized. Stay tuned and keep on the lookout for our new incentives applicable for the next quarter (Q3 FY20 running from May 1 until July 31). The new incentives will be announced during the week of May 11th.

  9. Will there be any changes to how we can earn points as sales reps?

  • All Bonus Points for selling specific products/services are being consolidated on company level. Company Admin will be notified to do bank transfers  in the new portal after the BPs are finalised after each quarter. Since HPE has no knowledge who within your sales teams has closed certain deals, it is your company’s program administrator that is responsible for ensuring the earned bonus point amounts are allocated appropriately to different team members within your company.

 If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact your HPE Partner Business Managers today or contact us at


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