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FAQ (Valid till before 2H20 New Framework)
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  1. Qns: Who can take part in the HPE ENGAGE & GROW program?

Ans: The HPE ENGAGE & GROW Program is designed for HPE Silver, Business and Proximity Partners as well as authorized distributors in selected countries (and Platinum and Gold Partners in selected countries and with limitations). Partners who have received an invitation can take part in the HPE ENGAGE & GROW program.



  1. Qns: How does the HPE ENGAGE & GROW program work?

Ans: An authorized manager of the company registers the company and decides whether the company will use a single prepaid credit card for the whole company, or every member of the sales team will receive their own prepaid credit card.

The manager then defines a program administrator who invites the members of the sales teams to the HPE ENGAGE & GROW portal. Each member of the sales team will receive a personal login for the HPE ENGAGE & GROW website (certain exceptions may apply depending on partner level and participating country. Please see terms & conditions).



  1.  Qns: What exactly are Bonus Points?

 Ans: The company sales team can collect Bonus Points through the purchase of   predefined HPE products at authorized HPE Distributors. Company related sales targets for turnovers of certain product categories can be determined by HPE. Each team member can access the Engage & Grow portal and see the team's performance.


At the end of the incentive period, the administrator distributes the Bonus Points (in accordance with the number of points achieved in the team) to the company’s card or the cards of the members of the sales team (certain exceptions may apply depending on partner level and participating country). The Bonus Points will then be converted to a monetary value onto the prepaid credit card.



  1. Qns: What is the value of a Bonus Point?

Ans: The value of a Bonus Point is 1€.



  1. Qns: Is there a maximum limit of Bonus Points which one may collect?

Ans: There will be a limited number of Bonus Points (budget) for each HPE ENGAGE & GROW Incentive. However, the teams can compete with one another and collect BonusPoints until the general maximum limit for one Incentive has been reached. That means until the available budget has been exhausted.



  1. Qns: How can I redeem the Bonus Points and obtain cash on my credit card?

Ans: Unless you are a HPE ENGAGE & GROW program administrator, you cannot redeem your Bonus Points yourself. Instead, your administrator credits a certain cash amount to the prepaid credit card at the end of the Incentive period. When all sales results have been updated and Bonus Points are available, the admin gets a call for distribution of Bonus Points to the card(s). The distribution must be made within 4 weeks, otherwise it expires. Once the Administrator has distributed the Bonus Points, each member will receive an email notification to transfer the Bonus Points to the credit card.




  1. Qns: Where can I use my credit card?

Ans:  Your Prepaid credit card can be used at millions of merchants worldwide and online stores that carries the Network Acceptance Mark. There are 26 million merchants worldwide.



  1. Qns: Can I exceed the purchase price beyond the current card balance?

Ans: Since your HPE ENGAGE & GROW credit card is a prepaid credit card, only the actual amount on the card will be available for shopping activities. To go beyond this amount is not possible. Purchases exceeding the amount available will be automatically rejected.



  1. Qns: How do I check my card balance?

Ans:  To check the balance of funds on your card and to see your transaction history, please do the following:

Login to
Click My Account
Click on the “Manage my Account” tab
Your card balance will be displayed next to the image of your card



  1. Qns: Why isn't my balance what I think it should be?

Ans:  At times your card balance may not match the purchases shown on your card account for any of these reasons:
Same day transactions do not appear on your card account, but the amount is deducted from the available balance. The transactions will generally appear on your card account the following day.


There may be an outstanding authorization for a purchase that was made, but the merchant has not collected its money yet. This type of transaction will only show on your card account after the merchant has collected its money. In the meantime, the money is held from your card account, ready to be paid to the merchant. For example, this may happen for internet or mail/phone order purchases. The merchant may settle the money when they ship the order, rather than on the day the order was placed. In this case, the funds are marked for the merchant and deducted from the balance but will only show on the card account when the bank pays the merchant for your purchase. This process could take a minimum of eight days to clear.

  1. Qns: Can I withdraw cash from my credit card?

Ans: No, the prepaid credit card is blocked for cash withdraws.



  1. Qns: When will the Bonus Points be available on my card?

Ans: After the distribution of the Bonus Points through the company’s designated administrator for HPE ENGAGE & GROW. This process typically takes two to three weeks.



  1. Qns: What should I do if I cannot see my BonusPoints in my Credit Card within             2-3 weeks after I transferred it?

Ans:  If you have transferred your BonusPoints to your credit card and unable to see it, you may contact our customer service to know the status.


  1. Qns: How often is the database for Bonus Point accounts updated?

Ans: The Bonus Point accounts on the HPE ENGAGE & GROW platform are updated   weekly. However, the total BonusPoints will only be finalised at the end of each quarter. 




  1. Qns: Do I have to pay income tax on the value of my credit card?

Ans: Depending on the specific statutory provisions of the country concerned and the value of the BonusPoints collected, it can occur that income tax must be paid on the individual profits of the Engage & Grow program. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify this and if required, to pay the income tax. Please check T&Cs for your country for details.



  1. Qns: When do my Bonus Points expire?

Ans: The Bonus Points in the form of a balance on the prepaid credit card do not expire. The credit card can be used as long as stated on the valid-to date and will be used for future HPE ENGAGE & GROW program periods.


BonusPoints can only be lost if the reseller administrator does not follow the instructions to redeem the quarterly earned BonusPoints by the deadline stipulated in the instructions e-mail.



  1.  Qns: I am located in a Nordic Country, how will the earned BonusPoints be transferred to me?

Ans: After the close of each quarter, the reseller admin will be notified and has 30 days to provide company bank details including VAT number through the ‘Company Management’ console by selecting the past quarter. After the deadline has passed, all partners that have actively entered their details will receive instructions to create an invoice for the total of quarterly earned company BonusPoints. A company bank transfer will be executed shortly afterwards for the full amount. Since HPE has no knowledge who within your sales teams has closed certain deals, it is your company’s program administrator that is responsible for ensuring the earned bonus point amounts are allocated appropriately to different team members within your company while adhering to local legal and tax regulations.


*Usage of Credit cards is not applicable in Nordic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden). A company bank wire transfer will be used as the payment method for the                     total of company earned bonus points.


If you have any further enquiries, please visit or contact program support.



  1. Qns: What is the card SAN?

Ans:  SAN - Security Account Number, the 9 or 10 digits # found on the bottom-right on the back of the Prepaid card.



  1. Qns: What is a Virtual Card?

Ans:  A Virtual Card is an on-screen image of your prepaid card and allows you to make online or telephone payments, receive funds, and shop online. A Virtual Card is a simple and quick way to get started with a Prepaid Account.



  1. Qns: Why upgrade to plastic/physical card?

Ans: By upgrading to plastic/physical card, you’ll be able to make POS purchases.



  1. Qns: How do I upgrade to Plastic?

Ans: Simply log into your account at and click on the “Manage My Account” tab and select “Request Plastic Card”. Your plastic card will take approximately 5-15 business days to arrive at your provided address.



  1. Qns: Why haven't I received my card yet?

Ans: Once you complete the order process, it can take up from 5 -15 business days to receive a card in Europe and North America (up to 30 business days outside these zones). If that amount of time has passed, please log in to and go to "Contact Us". 



  1.  Qns: What shoud I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Ans:  The first thing we suggest is to access your Prepaid account at by either using your card number, SAN, or email address and your Access code to manually block your card. If unable to access cardportal please contact Customer Support, or call us at +44 (0)844 7744 767 (have your SAN Number or Card number on hand and your Access code).



  1. Qns: Who can I contact if I need support for Credit Card issues?

Ans:  You are strongly encouraged to login to go to "Contact Us". 
 Alternatively, you may contact:

               Support for countries using VISA:
               [email protected]
               +44 (0) 844 7744 725

               Support for countries using Mastercard:
               [email protected]
               +1 438 316 0227


  • Available from 9am – 5pm EST
  • SLA for response time is 1-2 Business Days
  • Phone numbers for support are not Toll-free



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